WAX PURE is deep cleaning shampoo intended to every hair colour, for applying before WAX masks. This
shampoo effectively cleans hair and the scalp of sebum, pollutants, hair styling products or silicones. After using
WAX PURE, active ingredients contained in WAX masks are getting deeper and are acting more intensively.

WAX DAILY are daily use shampoos, they are based on natural plant extracts, contain mild substances, which
gently, but effectively clean hair and the scalp. Because of each shampoo contains various active ingredients,
they have a different purposes.
WAX DAILY for blonde hair – panthenol, white willow and aloes extracts.
WAX DAILY for dark hair – panthenol, nettle and aloes extracts.
WAX DAILY for greasy hair – liquorice, burdock and mentha aquatica extracts.
WAX DAILY for thin, fine and no volume hair – panthenol, collagen, chestnut and nettle extracts.

WAX OLAMIN is an anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoo. Its effectiveness is based on the active ingredient
eliminate dandruff – piroctone olamine (octopirox), soothing and moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera juice.

[spacer height=”80px”]LEAVE-IN HAIR CONDITIONERS:

WAX DAILY MIST are leave-in hair conditioners, it protects hair against air pollution, and also helps to comb out hair.

WAX DAILY MIST for blonde hair – panthenol, vitamin E.
WAX DAILY MIST for dark hair – henna extract, panthenol, vitamin E.
WAX DAILY MIST ColourCare for dyed hair – panthenol, vitamin E.


[spacer height=”80px”]MASKS:

WAX NaturClassic are the line of masks for dry and damaged hair, but first of all they help control hair fall. The
formulation is based on HENNA EXTRACT, which unique properties help to create bonds with hair keratin and
form the theca closing microdamage and protecting the fibre of the hair from adverse factors. Extract from henna
not only revitalizes hair fibre, but along with other plant extracts included in masks, it nourishes the scalp and
prevents hair loss
WAX NaturClassic BLONDA for blonde hair – henna and chamomile extracts.
WAX NaturClassic HENNA for dark hair – henna and green tea extracts.
WAX NaturClassic ALOES for thin and fine hair – henna extract and aloes juice.




WAX ColourCare are masks for damaged hair as a result of the mechanical, physical and chemical factors like
dyeing, keratin hair straightening, a high temperature, or the UV radiation. BIOMIMETIC KERATIN is main masks
active ingredient, which is very much strongly and permanently and joining the hair to fill place of losses up. ColourCare
masks give strengthening, springiness, sheen and healthy appearance to the hair since the first application!

WAX ColourCare KAMILLA for blonde dyed hair – keratin, panthenol, roman chamomile, horsetail and henna extracts.
WAX ColourCare ARABICA for dark dyed hair – keratin, panthenol, arabica, henna and horsetail extracts.
WAX ColourCare MORINGA for red dyed hair – keratin, panthenol, moringa extract.
WAX ColourCare INTENSA color protecting mask – keratin, panthenol, moringa extract.